Screenshots of 3dDesktop

These screenshots show that what it looks like when switching virtual desktop with 3dDesktop.


Not to be confused with those popular 3d Desktop Environments such as Compiz, KDE/KWin 4 with compositing support, etc.

3dDesktop is an OpenGL program for switching virtual desktops with a 3d animation, it predates them all.

I also have an alleged theory that this program is the inspiration to the 3d Cude effects in those above mentioned Desktop Environments.

What's in the Screenshot

The Screenshots

../static/img/blog/3ddesktop/1.jpg ../static/img/blog/3ddesktop/2.jpg ../static/img/blog/3ddesktop/3.jpg ../static/img/blog/3ddesktop/4.jpg ../static/img/blog/3ddesktop/5.jpg ../static/img/blog/3ddesktop/6.jpg ../static/img/blog/3ddesktop/7.jpg ../static/img/blog/3ddesktop/8.jpg