The Little River Crab


Due to the lack of time and the unnecessary technical difficultlies cause by Baidu's frequently changing login method, I no longer maintain this.

I have to admit, the title is hilarious at best.

I am moderator of a Linux forum, fighting spammer there is hard because there are very limiting administrative features provided by Baidu.

For the last few days, someone spamming the forum nonstop, not only the one I moderate but hundreds of thousands of others (I am not kidding, Baidu's user base is huge) provided by Baidu as well. From my own experience, Baidu is always clumsy in reaction to spamming activities, forcing us moderators cleanup the mess manually. I decided not to wait this time, and develop my own solution: The Little River Crab.



For the curious, Reiver crab on wikipedia is a good read, then you will understand why I named the script that way.